Pag’s most beautiful beaches

There are many beaches on the island of Pag, whether sandy or with pebbles, pebbles or rocks. Here is a list of some of the most beautiful beaches on Pag.
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Pag ‘s strange shape means that the island has a coastline of almost 300 kilometres. Unfortunately, many of them are rocky, inaccessible and totally untamed, but beach lovers need not be frightened, as there are still plenty of them. Pebbly or sandy, Pag’s beaches are mostly located in the central part of the island, not far from Novalja and Pag town, and are therefore very crowded. Those who are looking for deserted beaches even during the high season will have to head north or south, where there are small bays or coves that are really secluded, where you can relax in complete solitude, surrounded by nature.

Zrće Beach

A beach party at Zrće

Let’s start the list of Pag’s most beautiful beaches with the most controversial: it is certainly the most famous, but just as surely many will hate it. It is Zrće beach, a paradise for 18-25 year olds devoted to partying and fun, a hell for everyone else.

It is a 700-metre-long pebble and pebble beach, located in the bay of the same name about 2.5 km from Novalja, and has been awarded the Blue Flag thanks to its facilities and the clarity of its waters. Backed by a dense pine forest, at the peak of the season Zrće hosts several thousand people, who take part in numerous sports and recreational activities, such as beach volleyball, jet skis, water slides, bungee jumping, and especially beach parties that begin in the afternoon and continue into the evening.

The beach, popularly known as the Croatian Ibiza, has a lifeguard service, access for the disabled, telephones and showers, as well as ample parking for a fee.

Lokunje Beach

2Novaglia, Croazia

The Lokunje beach is the town beach of Novalja, and it continues to grow year after year, offering more and more amenities and services; there is everything you need to spend a nice day here. It is easily accessible and is located in the centre of Novalja, close to the supermarket and bus station, making it ideal for those who enjoy the town atmosphere. Of course, its proximity to the town centre means that it is definitely crowded, especially in August.

Lokunje has a beautiful view of Novalja, which makes it very attractive, especially in the evenings when the lights of the many surrounding clubs are reflected in it, turning it into the queen of the night. The access to the sea is partly sandy, but mostly covered with pebbles, making it suitable for practically everyone. You can choose to take advantage of the many facilities on offer such as water skiing or pedal boats, or play beach volleyball or beach soccer.

Brničevica Beach

3Novaglia, Croazia

Braničevica beach is located in Gajac, a quiet suburb of Novalja. It is the most suitable in the area for families with children and couples, or more generally for those seeking relaxation. It is sheltered from the winds and at the same time far from the noisy Zrće beach, with access to the pebbly sea; on the other hand, the seabed is partly covered with fine sand.

There are several restaurants and bars on the beach offering food and drink, and there is a small water sports centre nearby. Those who prefer a more secluded area can finally follow the coastline in a southerly direction.

Planjka Beach

4Plaža Planjka Trinćel, 53291, Pag, Croazia

Planjka is one of the few beaches on the island of Pag that has received the prestigious Blue Flag award. It is located 1.5 km from Novalja, at the end of a bay, making it a perfect place for families with children. On one side, the beach is sandy, while on the other side there is fine gravel.

Planjka beach has many facilities and is sheltered from strong winds. At the same time, it is surrounded by greenery, vineyards and pastures. Behind the beach there are a few restaurants and cafes, and a car park for a fee.

Spiaggia di Jadra

5Beach Jadra, 53296, Stara Novalja, Croazia

At the end of Stara Novalja is Jadra beach, one of the hidden gems of the island of Pag. It is a wild beach, where the waves often dominate, and it resists all attempts to be tamed: it is mostly pebbly, but partly rocky and inaccessible, surrounded by rugged cliffs, making it an ideal place for those who want to experience unspoilt nature.

The sea is crystal clear and transparent, with reefs here and there and rich marine life, making Jadra an excellent destination for scuba diving, but due to the terrain, it is not recommended for children. The beach has a car park, and a bar/cafe, as well as umbrellas and sun loungers for hire. Jadra is also an excellent beach to admire the beautiful sunsets over the Adriatic.

Simuni Beach

623251, Šimuni, Croatia

Simuni beach is known for its natural beauty, long stretches of white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters. It is an ideal destination for those seeking a quiet and relaxing holiday.

The beach is over 1,200 metres long and offers plenty of space for sunbathing, swimming and beach sports. The soft white sand and shallow, crystal-clear waters make it a perfect place for families with young children. The beach is also popular for its many windsurfing and kite surfing opportunities, with constant winds and small waves.

The nearby village of Simuni also offers a range of activities to visitors. There are several restaurants, cafes and shops in the village, as well as a number of cultural and historical sites to explore.

Jakišnica and Lun Beach

7Jakišnica, 53294, Jakišnica, Croazia

If you want to discover a completely different side of Pag, one that is greener and less devoted to entertainment, you need to travel to the far north of the island and visit the small town of Lun.

Those who venture this far will have an unforgettable experience: as soon as you leave Novalja, the landscape begins to change and along the way you will discover ancient olive groves, and on the side facing the island of Rab, you will find small, unspoilt bays where you can spend a whole day relaxing alone in the shade. It is possible to get there by sea, but also by following the narrow cobbled streets that deviate from the main road.

Caska Beach

8Unnamed Road,Caska, 53291, Novalja, Croazia

The ancient Roman town of Cissa was located on the island of Pag, about 3 kilometres from Novalja, on the road to Metajna. Today, almost 2000 years later, in modern Croatia, this town has taken the name Caska, and has a mystical atmosphere intertwined with the smell of the past.

The town beach, or Caska Beach, has predominantly sandy access to the sea, with some pebble areas, and is therefore excellent for families with children. The beach faces Velebit, and besides being a place where many legends are set, the town of Caska is also an archaeological site.

The beach has a few small restaurants and bars, as well as free parking. If you dive far from the shore, don’t be surprised if you find remains of the sunken Roman town, ceramic dishes or coins.

Ručica Beach

9Rucica Beach, 53296, Metajna, Croazia

The pebble beach of Ručica, located 1 km from Metajna, offers a beautiful view of the town of Pag. It can be reached through Kanjon, a site of fascinating contrast between vegetation and rocky hills. The irresistible scents of herbs and the sea, the bright sun and the warm breeze will immerse you in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Vlašići Beach

10Unnamed Road,Vlašići, Hrvaška, 23249, Vlašići, Croazia

Vlašići Beach is located on the southern part of the island of Pag, near the small town of Smokvica and about 15 kilometres from Povljana. The beach is 800 metres long and is one of the most beautiful beaches on Pag, mainly due to the natural red earth wall that surrounds it. For the perfect lunch break, there is a restaurant on the beach.

Prosika Beach

11Prosika ul. 41, 23250, Pag, Croazia

Prosika is a sandy beach located a few hundred metres from the centre of Pag town. It is about 800 metres long and is particularly suitable for families with small children, also due to its proximity to the centre. There are many entertainment facilities on and near the beach, such as tennis courts, a beach volleyball court, water slides and a swimming pool, as well as a children’s playground, numerous bars and restaurants, and much more.

Interestingly, the beach at Prosika has natural shade, but due to its proximity to the city, it can get very crowded during the high season, so it is best to get there early.


In the following map you can see the location of the main places of interest mentioned in this article