Krk’s most beautiful beaches

A complete list of the best beaches on Krk: from sandy to rocky, from secluded to close to built-up areas.
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Krk is a truly expansive island, where sea lovers will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which beaches to spend the day on. Whether you want to explore the length and breadth of the island or decide to stay in one place, here are the most beautiful beaches on Krk, divided by zone.

Beaches in the south

The Baska coast

The south coast of Krk is centred around the settlement of Baška to Punat on the west coast. In this stretch of coastline are some of the most beautiful beaches in Krk, some of which are easy to get to, others decidedly less so.


1beach Vreženica, 51523, Baška, Croazia

Vrženica beach is located about 4 kilometres from the centre of Baska, but to get there you need to park your car at Sveti Ivan, or near Bunculuka beach, and proceed on foot along the path that runs along the coast. Once there, you will find peace and tranquillity in abundance, and a beautiful sea with a pebble bottom.


2Kricin bb, 51523, Baška, Croatia

Bunculuka is located at the southern end of the village of Baska, and is the beach of the Bunculuka Camping Resort by Valamar. It is equipped with parasols and sunbeds, and has a small pebble bottom. The view is fantastic, but in summer it can get very crowded.

Vela plaža Baška

3Baška, 51523, Krk, Croazia

This is the town beach of Baška, a long strip of sand and pebbles full of facilities. Obviously, during the summer season it is taken over by tourists, so it is not recommended for those seeking peace and quiet. On the contrary, it is ideal for families with young children, who will find everything they need to spend a wonderful day at the beach.


451521, Stara Baška, Croazia

The beautiful Oprna beach is located in the vicinity of the village of Stara Baška, in the south-west of Krk. It can be reached by car from Baška in about half an hour, driving north along the D102 road to Kornic, and then following the south coast after Punat. It is a beach of fine sand and small pebbles, with a beautiful sea. The beach is wild and quiet, but there is a part where you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas.

West Coast Beaches

The Malinska coast

The west coast of Krk includes the towns of Krk town and Punat, all the way to Malinska. Here you will find some of the most beautiful beaches on Krk, secluded and surrounded by forests, as well as some town beaches, which are very popular in the summer. There are also a number of coves unreachable from the mainland, which can only be reached by sea, with crystal clear blue waters, where privacy is almost complete.

Ježevac / Lukobran

5Ul. Ježevac 14, 51500, Krk, Croazia

The beaches of Ježevac and Lukobran, along with many other small coves, make up the coastal littoral of Krk town. They are among the most crowded beaches on the island, and due to the fact that they are very narrow, with stretches of rocks, it is difficult to find living space in the summer. But on the other hand, their convenience can outweigh the disadvantages: some stretches of beach even overlook the old town, and so are within walking distance of everything.

Punta Debij

6Dolac 9, 51000, Rijeka, Croazia

Punta Debij and the surrounding area represents the town beach of Punat. Here too, as with Ježevac and Lukobran, the shape of the shoreline makes it one of the most crowded areas on the island of Krk in the summer. There is a free section and a section equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds for hire, and there are several cliffs separating the various parts of the beach.


751500, Pinezići, Croazia

The sandy Torkul beach is located about 500 metres from the village of Pinezići, in a small bay lined with forests. It can be reached by walking along a short dirt path, and once there, the colour of the sea is very beautiful, but watch out for boats mooring in abundance.


8Brzac, Croazia

Magneli is ideal for those seeking tranquillity. It can be reached by following a dirt road that starts in the village of Brzac and ends at a small pay car park. From there, one continues on foot for about 200 metres downhill. Alternatively, it can be reached by boat.

Beaches in the northern area

The village of Malinska at sunset

The northern area of Krk stretches from Malinska in the west to the Bay of Soline in the east. It also includes the peninsula where Omišalj and the airport are located, and is a relatively undiscovered area for tourism. The coastline in the north-east is rocky and windswept, and there are no coves for swimming.


9Obala 51, 51511, Malinska, Croazia

As is usual in Krk, the larger settlements do not have a real beach, but rather a series of small, narrow beaches interspersed with jetties and cliffs. Malinska is no exception: two of its beaches are Rupa and Draga, small and very close to the town centre, but there are many others stretching along the entire coastline.


105, 51512, Njivice, Croazia

Kijac beach is located in Njivice, at the southern end of the settlement. Easy to reach, it is small but fully equipped: it is possible to rent sunbeds, parasols and even pedal boats. There are a number of inflatable water games off the shore, and in summer it is literally stormed.


11Pešja Beach, 51513, Omišalj, Croazia

Pesja beach is the one closest to Omišalj, and is a pebble beach suitable for families with children, as the seabed slopes slowly. Until early afternoon it remains in the shade, then the sun comes out. The water is clean and the area is relatively quiet, even though it is next to a small harbour.


12Unnamed Rd,, 51514, Sužan, Croazia

Meline is a unique beach on Krk, as its seabed is so shallow that on low tide days it is possible to walk dozens and dozens of metres through muddy sand before reaching the sea. A concrete jetty has also been built to allow access without difficulty. The beach is very suitable for families with young children, but the colours of the sea are not as splendid as elsewhere.

Beaches on the east coast

Vela Luka beach

The east coast stretches from Soline Bay to the protected area of Glavine – Mala luka. Up to Vrbnik the coast is gentle and lined with forests, and there are numerous coves that can mostly be reached by boat. Later, from the beginning of the protected area to the southern end, the landscape becomes wild, and the coastline is rocky and steep.


1351515, Polje, Croazia

Petrina beach, set in a small bay south of the town of Polje, is small and stony, and tranquillity prevails, partly because it cannot be reached by car: you have to walk over a kilometre before you reach the sea.


14Beach Supovica, 51516, Risika, Croazia

Supovica is another beach on the east coast of Krk that is very difficult to reach from the mainland. It lies just south of Petrina, and once you arrive you will be enveloped in unspoilt nature and absolute tranquillity.

Vela Luka and Mala Luka

15Uvala Mala luka bb, 51523, Baška, Croazia

The south-eastern part of the island of Krk lies within the protected area Glavine – Mala luka. There are two beaches here, one opposite the other, called Vela Luka and Mala Luka. They are connected by a footpath less than a kilometre long, which takes about 15 minutes. In Mala Luka there is also a small bar-restaurant on the beach, ideal for refreshment after a day at the beach. The beaches can be easily reached by water taxi from Baska, or alternatively by walking within the protected area for several kilometres.


In the following map you can see the location of the main places of interest mentioned in this article