Rab’s most beautiful beaches

The complete list of Rab's best beaches stretches from Lopar in the north to the south-west, where the village of Barbat na Rabu is located.
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The island of Rab is rich in beaches, coves and inlets. It is a paradise for sea lovers, who can choose between the Lopar peninsula, located at the northern end, the Kampor area, located on the north-west coast, and the entire south-west coast, which runs from Rab town downwards, past the settlement of Barbat na Rabu.

On the other hand, the east coast of the island of Rab is totally uninhabited, rugged and wild. There is no access to the sea and there are no beaches, so to visit this area you need to use a boat. So here are the most beautiful beaches on Rab that you can reach.

Beaches on the Lopar peninsula

The peninsula north of Lopar is a truly beautiful area, with lush vegetation and a series of coves and beaches that cannot be reached by car. Some of them can be reached on foot, parking your car at the two car parks located along the D105 road and walking along the coastal path and its branches leading to the various beaches. Others, the more distant ones, can only be reached by boat. All the beaches in this area are uncrowded, if not deserted, precisely because they are difficult to reach. In some of them, naturism is permitted.

Lopar Beach

1Arbe, Croazia

The town of Lopar stretches between two gulfs. The Lopar beach is the one on the northern gulf: it is a family beach, very well served as there are bars and restaurants behind it. It consists partly of a concrete platform on which sand has been poured. The effect is pleasant and access to the sea is easy, with shallow water for 100-200 metres. The beach is free, but there are some services, including pedalo rental. Obviously, being close to the town and not too big, it gets very crowded in August.

Rajska Beach or Paradise Beach

2San Marino,, 51281, Rab, Croazia

Rajska means ‘paradise’ in Croatian, so it is also called Paradise Beach by the locals. This is the beach in the southern bay of Lopar, less than 2 kilometres from Lopar Beach and within easy walking distance from the town. It is a public beach of fine sand where it is possible to freely plant a parasol, and there is also an area with natural shade. There is also the possibility of renting sunbeds and deckchairs. The water is transparent but you can find better on the island, and it is also very crowded, although it is very wide so you are never too cramped. Being very close to the town, Rajska is a beach with all amenities: bars, restaurants and shops are right behind it.

Sahara Beach

3Sahara beach, 51281, Lopar, Croazia

Sahara beach is quite extensive, and is one of the most popular on the Lopar peninsula. It has a sandy bottom and the water is shallow for several dozen metres. It is a beach used by naturists.

Podšilo Beach

451281, Loparo, Croazia

Podšilo Beach is a small cove located just north of Sahara; it is little frequented because it is quite isolated, and is a sandy beach with crystal clear sea. The view from the top is also very beautiful.

Dubac Beach

551281, Loparo, Croazia

Dubac Beach is another sandy beach with shallow waters, adjacent to Sturic Beach. It is one of the most famous beaches on Rab, so although it cannot be reached by car, it is among the most crowded of the beaches on the Lopar peninsula. There is natural shade on the beach.

Sturič Beach

651281, Loparo, Croazia

Next to Dubar, Sturic beach shares its characteristics: it is a sandy cove, where the seabed remains shallow for several dozen metres. It can be reached on foot along a footpath or by boat.

Luria Beach

751281, Loparo, Croazia

Luria Beach is located north of Sturic, and can be reached by walking along the coastal path. The water is very transparent, with shades of azure and blue, and the shoreline is both sandy and rocky.

Ciganka Beach

8Lopar, Otok Rab, 51281, Croazia

Ciganka Beach is a rocky beach, where naturism is permitted, and can be reached on foot along the scenic coastal path. The water remains shallow for several tens of metres, is crystal clear and the seabed is light sand.

Abeona Beach

951281, Loparo, Croazia

Abeona Beach is a rocky beach located north of Ciganka. It is small and not very crowded.

Kunjka Beach

1051281, Loparo, Croazia

Kunjka Beach is the last and most remote beach on the Lopar peninsula. It is located on the edge of a promontory and is a naturist beach. It is small and very quiet.

Beaches on the southeast coast

From Rab town down and beyond Barbat na Rabu, the beaches on the south-east coast are mainly sandy and easy to reach thanks to the 105 road.

Padova III Beach

11Banjol 591, 51280, Banjol, Croazia

This curiously named beach is the beach of a campsite, the Padova Premium Camping Resort by Valamar, located just south of Rab town in Banjol. It is sandy and the seabed is shallow, making it ideal for families with small children. It can get really crowded during the high season months, so we recommend getting there early. It is a free beach and the campsite facilities are located behind it, so you can use the restaurant, bar and mini-market.

Kaštel Beach

1251280, Barbat, Croatia

This beach is located south of Barbat na Rabu, at the end of the settlement. There is a very beautiful view from here, as opposite is the island of Otok Dolin, less than 500 metres away. The beach is very narrow, no more than 4-5 metres, but it is very elongated, so finding a place is possible, although it becomes very crowded during the good season. It is a completely free beach and the water is transparent and crystal clear.

Ribon Beach

1351280, Barbat, Croazia

Ribon is the ideal continuation of Kaštel in a southerly direction, and is very easy to reach as it is only a few dozen metres from the D105 road, the main road on the island. It is possible to leave your car in the car park along the road, but beware that the beach becomes very crowded in the summer.

Valentina and Edvina Beach

14Barbat, Croazia

Like Kaštel and Ribon, the Valentina and Edvina beaches are also located on the west coast of Rab, south of Barbat na Rabu. Opposite is the outline of the island Otok Dolin, while the sandy tongue is narrow and elongated in shape. Both can be reached by taking road 105 in a southerly direction.

Pudarica Beach

1551280, Barbat, Croazia


The two beaches, Valentina and Edvina, are separated by a very small promontory, on which there is a club (Santos Beach Club). Next to it is Pudarica beach, a beautiful sandy beach with crystal-clear turquoise-blue waters. The beach is free and less than 100 metres wide, so in August and in general during the warm season it becomes very crowded, despite its remoteness from population centres.

Beaches around Kampor

Kampor is a small village located more or less halfway between Lopar and Rab town. It is located near the extensive Mel beach, a sandy beach, ideal for families with children as it is close to the town centre and the sea bed is shallow. However, the most beautiful beaches in the area are those along the coast of the peninsula south of Kampor, which is totally uninhabited and covered in dense Mediterranean vegetation. These beaches can practically only be reached by sea, with a few exceptions.

Sv. Mara

16Unnamed Road, 51280, Kampor, Croazia

Sveta Mara Beach is a tiny cove with waters ranging in colour from turquoise to deep blue. It is very small, so it is best to get there early in the morning otherwise you may not find a place. The place is ideal for snorkelling enthusiasts, given the richness of the seabed.

Uvala Cifnata

17Adriatic Sea, 51280, Croazia

Beach Uvala Cifnata can be reached on foot after leaving the car along the dirt road that runs along this part of Rab’s coastline. It is a small sandy beach with shallow waters. It is very comfortable for children, but beware that the seabed sometimes becomes muddy, and therefore not very transparent.

beach Gožinka

18Jadranska magistrala, 51280, Biograd na Moru, Croazia

Gožinka Beach is a rather famous beach on Rab, very popular with small and large boats, as there is also a small harbour there. The water is a turquoise-blue colour, and behind it there is a restaurant and a number of flats for rent.

Plaža Jelenovica

1951280, Kampor, Croazia

Jelenovica Beach is a very small beach that can be reached in a 10-minute walk from Gožinka. It has a pebbly bottom and there is very little room for umbrellas, so it is best to get there early in the morning, otherwise it is difficult to find a place.

Suha Punta Beach

20Mare Adriatico, 51280, Kampor, Croazia

Suha Punta is a settlement to the south of Kampor, located on a small peninsula, where there are a few flats for rent, a number of bars and restaurants and a few shops. Its beach is very small but also very busy, given its proximity to the houses.

beach Gavranišće

2151280, Kampor, Croazia

Small and pebbly, Gavranišće lies south of Suha Punta, in a cosy and picturesque spot.

Plaža Kandarola

2251280, Kampor, Croazia

One of the most beautiful on Rab, Kandarola is the southernmost of the beaches on the Kampor peninsula. It has wonderful water and a pebble bottom. It is a beach where naturism is practised, and has numerous facilities such as sunshade and sunbed hire, toilets and showers.


In the following map you can see the location of the main places of interest mentioned in this article