Weather Rab

Below the weather forecast for Croatia for today and next days. Weather conditions are updated in real time.
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Today in Croatia
few clouds
Right now there are 18 °C
19° C
19° C
18° C
18° C
18° C
WindSSE 1.78
Humidity66 %
Cloudy17 %
Sunrise 06:17
Weather forecast in Croatia for the next few days
Monday 15
Tuesday 16
Wednesday 17
Thursday 18
Friday 19
Saturday 20

Climate in Rab: best time to visit, weather by month, temperature

Weather conditions in real time and forecasts for the next few days in Croatia. Climate in in Croatia, when to go and average monthly temperatures.

The island of Rab enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with cool but not too cool winters and warm summers. In between, the intermediate seasons prove to be the best time to visit Rab, as the temperature is optimal and there are plenty of hours of sunshine.

October and the beginning of November are also favourable for a visit, although we are now in the low season and some tourist establishments may already be closed. Obviously, the greatest influx of tourists occurs during the summer months, of which August is the hottest month; during this period there is almost no rain, and the sun shines high in the sky, warming even the sea water: both July and August see an average of over 300 hours of sunshine.

Rain, however, falls on the island in moderate quantities: on average, there are no more than six rainy days in a month. However, rainfall is concentrated in November, when autumn is about to give way to winter. In this month, temperatures drop to their lowest peak in February. Needless to say, there is virtually no tourist activity during this season, as there is not much to do in Rab outside of beach life.

Average annual temperatures

The hottest months of the year in Weather Rab are August and July, when the monthly average temperature reaches 29 °C, while the coldest months of December and February the thermometer drops up to 4 °C.

Max °C13917192025292823201213
Min °C1141316172225241916108