Lake Bled

Referred to as the 'Alpine Pearl', Lake Bled is a romantic and picturesque destination that impresses every visitor with its historical, natural and cultural heritage.

Considered one of the most romantic locations in Slovenia, Lake Bled is a destination that has inspired poets, writers and artists with its beautiful scenery. This true paradise is located near the town of Bled, in the heart of the Julian Alps, not too far from the Italian border.

Referred to as the ‘Alpine Pearl‘ due to its natural, historical and cultural beauty, Lake Bled is visited by thousands of international tourists every year. Coming from Croatia, Bled is the ideal stop to spend a few days immersed in nature, as it is known to be one of the greenest destinations in Europe.

Dreamt of by many couples as an ideal destination for a romantic weekend getaway, Bled is characterised by a trulyatmospheric fairytale atmosphere. In fact, Bled is a small town on a human scale, which you can explore on foot or by hiring a bicycle, and is the perfect destination for a stay steeped in history, nature and relaxation.

Things to do at Lake Bled

Lake Bled is a real picture-postcard landscape. This sheet of blue water, in which the green of the surrounding nature is reflected, has at its centre a small island that can be romantically reached on board a ‘pletna’, a traditional wooden boat.

The tour around the lake is one of the things to do to best discover the small town of Bled and to admire breathtaking views. The route is about 7 km long and can be done on foot, by bicycle or in one of the traditional carriages called “Fijakerji”.

Bled Island

In the middle of the picturesque lake is the small island of Bled, the only natural island in Slovenia. The Church of Our Lady by the Lake was built on the island, which is said to have stood where a temple dedicated to Živa, the pagan goddess of life and fertility, once stood. The religious building has undergone several alterations and the present Baroque style derives from work carried out in the 17th century.

To reach the church, there is a flight of steps consisting of 99 steps and, according to one tradition, if a couple wants to get married here, it is necessary for the groom to carry the bride up all the steps. Climbing the church bell tower is an experience with a beautiful view of the entire surrounding area and, according to one legend, all those who ring the bell will have their wishes granted.

Bled Castle

Set on a 130 metre high rock, Bled Castle is one of the oldest fortresses in Slovenia. Its origins date back to the Middle Ages, and the castle appears to have been first mentioned in the early 11th century when King Henry II offered it as a gift to the Bishop of Brixen and his diocese.

The castle can be reached via several footpaths that start from the centre of Bled and wind their way through the forest to the summit, or by car via an asphalt road. Alternatively, it is also possible to reach the site by bicycle or by an atmospheric carriage ride. On the outside, the fortress is surrounded by high walls, while inside, the complex is built around a central courtyard.

You can still visit the chapel dating back to the 16th century, where the frescoes of Emperor Henry II and his wife are kept, the wine cellar and the museum that tells the history of the town. On the ground floor is the print shop and a restaurant where you can enjoy a romantic dinner. From the castle courtyard, you can also enjoy a beautiful view of the lake and the surrounding peaks.

Bled Castle is open daily with the following opening times

The entrance fee is €13.00 for adults, €8.50 for university students and €5.00 for children and young people up to 14 years of age.

Kremma rezina

It is impossible to leave Bled without having tasted its famous Kremna Rezina, also known as the Bled cream cake. This excellent cake has puff pastry and custard as its main ingredients. The Bled millefeuille is said to have been invented by chef Ištvan Lukačević of the Park Café, which is located right on the shore of the lake.

The original Bled millefeuille has also been proclaimed a ‘dish of national origin‘ and since its creation in 1953, more than 15 million of them have been produced.

Vintgar Gorge

About 4 km from Bled, you can visit the picturesque Vintgar Gorge, which lies at the very entrance to the Triglav National Park. The gorge was formed by the flow of the Radovna River between Mount Hom (834 metres) and Mount Boršt (931 metres).

At a length of 1.6 kilometres, the gorge can be visited via a wooden footpath that allows visitors to admire waterfalls and rapids all the way to the Šum waterfall, one of three river waterfalls in Slovenia.

Lake Bled tours and sightseeing

How to get to Lake Bled

Given its location, Lake Bled is easy to reach either by car or public transport. By car, coming from Venice, first take the A4 and then the A1E61 to the LesceBled exit. It is necessary to remember that in order to travel on Slovenian motorways you must purchase a ‘vignette’.

Lake Bled can also be reached by bus from several Slovenian towns. Alternatively, if you cannot find a direct bus, you can go as far as Ljubljana, from where there are regular buses to Bled.

The city does not have a railway station and the two nearest stations are Lesce and Jezero Bled. Those wishing to reach Bled by train must first arrive in Ljubljana and once there change trains to Lesce or Jezero Bled. Alternatively, from Ljubljana you can also take one of the buses that will get you to the lake in about an hour.

Where to stay at Lake Bled

Despite its small size, the town of Bled offers a wide range of accommodation to choose from. From luxury hotels to small but romantic B&Bs, from hostels to gamping: Bled knows how to satisfy the needs of different types of travellers.

There are also a number of hotels along the eastern shore of the lake that also feature thermal spas with water from four ancient thermal springs.

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The legend about the formation of Lake Bled

According to an ancient legend, the area on which Lake Bled now stands was once a large grassy blanket with a mound in the centre. This area was used by fairies to dance, but also by some shepherds to graze their flocks. So that the turf would not disappear, the fairies asked the shepherds to fence off an area around the mound so that they could continue to dance on the grass.

The shepherds, however, did not listen to their request and unfortunately one evening one of the fairies tripped and injured her foot during a dance. This incident greatly angered the fairies who, thanks to their powers, caused the rivers and streams in the area to flood the valley, leaving only a mound on which the fairies could dance undisturbed. This, then, would be the legend behind the birth of the beautiful Lake Bled.

Where is located Lake Bled

Lake Bled is located in the north-western part of Slovenia about 143 km from Trieste, 54 km from Ljubljana and 195 km from Zagreb.

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