A well-known seaside resort in Slovenia, Portorož is a part of the municipality of Piran that attracts visitors for its beautiful beaches and natural heritage.
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Portorož is a hamlet belonging to the Slovenian town of Piran and is internationally famous for its beautiful beaches. It lies nestled in the Gulf of Trieste in the territory of Slovenian Istria just a few kilometres from the Croatian border and the famous town of Umag. Portorož’s location makes it an ideal destination for all those who, during a stay in Croatia, also want to visit Slovenian beaches and get a taste of the beautiful landscapes of this country.

The history of this location is very old and is linked to that of the town of Piran. After being dominated by the Celts and Romans, Piran signed a treaty with Venice around the 7th century to become a protectorate of the Serenissima. In 1210 the Patriarchate of Aquileia took possession of the area until 1282 when Venice occupied these territories again and gave great support to their economy. In the 18th century Piran was subjugated by the Austrian Empire until the end of World War I when the Istrian peninsula came under the control of the Kingdom of Italy. With the end of World War II, the area first became part of the territories of Yugoslavia and then Slovenia.

The historical events that characterised these territories can still be seen today when walking through the streets of the centre of Piran, where palaces, monuments and buildings from different historical periods coexist. One of the events that marked this region the most, however, was the arrival of many Benedictine monks . The monks, having discovered the properties of Portorož’s waters, established the Monastery of St Lawrence here, a place dedicated to the treatment of those suffering from rheumatic pains. This is how Portorož became an internationally famous spa resort.

Portorož and its surrounding areas are characterised by a variety of landscapes from sandy beaches to its extensive salt pans, where beautiful excursions can be organised. From Croatia, many choose to spend one or more days in Portorož to explore its beautiful beaches or to relax in one of the renowned spas.

The beach in Portorož

Slovenia boasts 42 km of coastline along the eastern Adriatic Sea and, given its proximity, its beaches are often frequented by those in Croatia.

The main beach of Portorož is located right in the centre of this resort and is a coastline characterised by both sandy and grassy areas. Here you will find bathing establishments offering all services, restaurants, beach volleyball courts and children’s play areas. The sea waters are clean and clear and have repeatedly been awarded the Blue Flag title.

Not far from Portorož, another popular beach is Sezza, which has a rocky and pebbly shoreline. The presence of equipped lidos makes Sezza a popular beach for families with children, while the sea waters are perfect for kite surfers. Portorož also boasts the presence of numerous private beaches reserved for hotel or resort guests.

Things to do in Portorož

Although famous for being a popular seaside resort, Portorož is also an ideal destination for those seeking a more cultural trip. In Portorož, you can visit the remains of the ancient monastery of St. Bernardin built in the 15th century and converted by the Austrian army in the 19th century into a fortress to defend the bay. The building was later used as the seat of the Revenue and Customs Office. Of the old monastery, the bell tower, the presbytery of the church and the retaining walls with arches can still be admired.

At the promontory of Sezza, on the other hand, you can visit the permanent open-air exhibition entitled ‘Forma Viva‘. This collection of stone works began in 1961 thanks to the Slovenian artists Jakob Savinšek and Janez Lenassi and now has more than 130 stone sculptures by artists from over 30 countries. From the park it is also possible to admire a beautiful panorama of the Portorož Bay and its surroundings.

The long tradition that links Portorož with the salt pans also passes through the Salt Warehouses (Magazen Grando and Monfort), spaces in which the salt workers stored their salt production at the end of the extraction season. Now the warehouses house the Maritime Museum and also offer a space for exhibitions and events.

Another part of Piran near Portorož is Sečovlje, a locality that is home to the Salt Pans Nature Park , which can be visited on guided tours. Here salt is still extracted using an ancient traditional method that has been used for more than 700 years.

Portorož is about 2 km from the centre of Piran, a destination that holds several sites of interest. The town has a cosmopolitan, dynamic and very lively historic centre. The tour of Piran begins with the city walls, which seem to date back to the 7th century, and continues with a visit to St. George’s Cathedral, reminiscent of St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, the Church of St. Rocco and the Baptistery of St. John the Baptist. Not to be missed is Piazza Tartini, which is named after the violinist Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770). Here you will find not only the Town Hall, but also the famous Venetian House, a wonderful building in the Venetian-Gothic style.

What to do in the evening in Portorož

The promenade along the waterfront, known as Obala, stretches for about 2 km and connects the hamlet of St Lucia with St Bernardino via Portorož. This area contains not only numerous hotels, but also shops, clubs, restaurants and the Casino Portorož.

Many nightlife lovers, however, prefer to move to Piran, where there are more places to have fun late into the night and where the nightlife is livelier.

Where to stay in Portorož

Often frequented for day trips by those in Croatia, Portorož, thanks to its location and services, is also a destination that lends itself to a multi-day stay. Portorož, in fact, can be chosen as an ideal base for visiting both Slovenian and Croatian localities. In Portorož there are hotels, resorts, flats and even glamping.

Given the wide range on offer in the city, whatever type of holiday you choose, the advice is to book your accommodation in advance to avoid a sell-out and to be able to choose the accommodation that best meets your requirements.

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Recommended hotels in Portorož

Equipped with all comforts and services, the hotels in Portorož are the ideal place to spend a relaxing stay. Here, you can stay in agritourisms a few kilometres from Portorož, in small hotels or in luxurious hotels. If you are staying in Portorož for a seaside holiday, you can choose one of the hotels or holiday resorts that are located right on the seafront and provide easy access to the beaches. Some of these accommodations also have a private beach equipped with sunbeds and parasols.

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Flats and holiday homes in Portorož

If you decide to stay in Portorož for longer or shorter periods you can consider renting a flat or holiday home, perhaps in a residence. These types of accommodation often have lower prices than a hotel and offer both more space and more privacy than a hotel room. Flats or houses also have a kitchen available, which allows for greater autonomy in the preparation and management of meals. Many of these facilities also have extra services available to guests, such as a swimming pool and children’s play areas.

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How to reach Portorož

Portorož is easy to reach by car thanks to excellent road connections that often allow you to admire beautiful views from the window. From Ljubljana, you can reach Portorož by first taking the A1, then the H5 and finally Route 111.

Portorož also has an airport, which is only 7 km from the centre and accommodates smaller flights, especially during the summer season. Alternatively, the nearest other airports are Trieste International Airport, which is about 80 km away, and Jože Pučnik Airport in Ljubljana, which is 140 km away.

For those who wish to travel by public transport, one option is to travel to Koper by train and, once there, take one of the buses that regularly depart for Portorož and Piran or take a comfortable taxi. Finally, it is good to know that it is also possible to arrive at the Trieste train station and then continue by renting a car, taking a taxi or using the bus lines that take about an hour to Portorož.

Portorož Weather

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Where is located Portorož

Portorož is a fraction of the municipality of Piran, located in the Gulf of Trieste. It is 34 km from Trieste, 20 km from Umag, 90 km from Rijeka and 120 km from Ljubljana.

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