Croatia by car: motorways, tolls and regulations

Croatia is a perfect country for a road trip. Here is everything you need to know for a trouble-free driving holiday in Croatia.
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Many people know Croatia for its beautiful beaches and water sports, in reality this country is full of small towns and villages that are great to discover on an adventurous road trip. You can decide to reach Croatia with a comfortable flight and then rent a car there!

Driving licences and permits issued in EU countries are valid for driving in Croatia without the need for an international driving licence. Having your own vehicle at your disposal allows you to discover this wonderful country with freedom and flexibility: it is you who can choose your timetable and destinations, and you can reach even the most remote corners of the country that are less travelled by mass tourism.

Croatia’s road network

The vastness of attractions and locations that Croatia offers lends itself very well to being discovered on a road trip, perhaps in the company of your partner or friends.

In addition, the Croatian government has invested heavily in modernising and upgrading the country’s road network in recent years. In particular, the motorways that have been built have made Croatia a modern and accessible destination and there is now the possibility of reaching even towns that were once little known due to a lack of connections.

Major works include the Zagreb-Split motorway and the various connections with Slovenia and Italy in Istria.

How to get to Croatia by car

Thanks to a well-developed road and motorway network getting around Croatia is comfortable and easy. Please note: if you drive on the motorway in Slovenia, you will need to purchase a vignette; alternatively, you can reach Croatia by taking side roads that avoid having to purchase a vignette.

Useful information

All motorways in Croatia charge a toll, including the tunnel between Rijeka and Istria, the road between Delnice and Rijeka and the bridge to the island of Krk.

Motorways, on the other hand, are free of charge. The toll can be paid at the toll booth on arrival in cash or by credit card. For real-time information on road traffic, you can tune in to Radio H2 (98.5 MHz), which in summer broadcasts the traffic situation updated in real time in English every hour. Alternatively, you can consult the official website of the Hrvatski autoklub.

Attention must be paid to refuelling. It is possible to find petrol stations in large towns and along major roads open 24 hours a day, but filling stations are not so frequent. Therefore, it is always better to calculate the fuel available and fill up with petrol whenever possible. More information on petrol stations can be found on the INA-Industrija nafte website.

Traffic regulations in Croatia

Traffic regulations in Croatia are similar to those in Europe:

Speed limits are as follows


Car hire in Croatia

Car hire in Croatia

The most convenient way to visit Croatia in all its corners is to rent a car and thus travel independently, choosing your own itinerary.
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