Events and festivals in Croatia

Croatia to experience all year round: here is the annual events calendar to find out what not to miss month by month.
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For holiday reasons, the majority of tourists visit Croatia during the summer months, mostly July and August, which coincide with the high season. During these months you will certainly find the most stable weather, with warm waters and sunny days, especially on the Dalmatian islands.

Unfortunately, accommodation prices rise significantly during this period, the beaches are packed with tourists and you need to book in good time at the places where the most popular festivals take place.

In fact, most of the cultural events that enliven Croatian evenings are concentrated in the summer, allowing you to experience a joyful and colourful atmosphere.

When planning a trip, it is always a good idea to check which events and festivals are available during the chosen period. You will thus be able to attend or experience events and performances that enliven the daily life of towns and villages.

When to go to Croatia

If you don’t have holiday problems, you can choose the mid-season. May, June and September are excellent months to travel to Croatia, characterised by a beautiful, clean sea, lonely coasts sparsely populated by tourists, low prices, and the presence of the Mistral, which makes for a pleasant stay on the beach and exciting sailing for sailing enthusiasts.

Although it is rare to travel to Croatia in the low season, from October to April, it can be an unusual but definitely unique choice! In fact, we recommend a trip in autumn especially to visit cities such as Zagreb or Dubrovnik, which are cloaked in a wonderful Central European charm thanks to the colours of foliage.

If you want to admire the colours of the foliage in all their splendour, then don’t miss a visit to Veliki Prstvaci National Park: the forests, lakes and turquoise waterfalls in autumn provide an absolutely magical atmosphere!

March can also be interesting to see the Plitvice and Krka waterfalls, which are at their most beautiful when the thaw sets in!

April, on the other hand, is recommended for those who love spring colours: nature is awakening and even though the inland areas are still very cold, you can enjoy all the charms of spring, while rafting and kayaking enthusiasts will enjoy the descents of particularly water-filled rivers.

Lovers of snow and inexpensive ski slopes can choose to head to Sljeme, near Zagreb, during the harsh winter months for a spectacular ski week! You will have slopes, ski lifts and a three-seater chairlift at your disposal for one of Croatia’s most popular sports.

We would also like to remind you that in January many hotels offer discounts of up to 50%, especially on the coast!

Annual events and festivals

What are the best months to go to Croatia? In every season there are things to see, the right time depends on the holiday you want to take!

We have selected some recurring events and festivals in Croatia, divided month by month; maybe they will come in handy if you don’t know when to go, to plan your holiday in Croatia.


The liveliest carnival in Croatia takes place in Rijeka, with dancing and wild celebrations. According to popular legend, ugly masks are able to defeat the forces of evil, and during the event, the city gates are locked to symbolise the closing of all sad thoughts and instead open the mind to carefreeness. Zadar and Samobor are also home to similar picturesque manifestations.

In Dubrovnik, one can take part in the Feast of St Blaise: the city comes alive to celebrate its patron saint with dances, concerts, religious processions and street stalls where people from the surrounding villages flock in traditional dress. Illuminations, banners and flag-wavers, parades for an event not to be missed.


If you love classical music and are on holiday in Zagreb, then you should not miss the Music Biennial, the country’s most prestigious festival.

Istria, on the other hand, celebrates asparagus at this time of year. Local tourist boards organise asparagus-harvesting excursions and many small markets and themed festivals.


In Croatia, May is the month of dance, to which an entire week is dedicated. Zagreb hosts major experimental dance companies from around the world with performances and events.

In this month, with the arrival of fine weather and the first warmth, Ljeto na Strosu in Zagreb begins, a month of concerts by local bands, outdoor events, dog exhibitions and free screenings to experience the city.

Finally, we recommend the Open Cellars in Istria event: on the last Sunday in May, winemakers open their cellars to the public for free tastings in a joyful and convivial atmosphere.


With the onset of summer, Croatia abounds with events and festivals, including the Vip Inmusic Festival, three days of concerts on Lake Jarun in Zagreb where internationally renowned artists perform every year.

The streets of Zagreb come alive on Cest is D’Best: a not-to-be-missed event with days and days of music, dance, theatre, exhibitions and events that see more than 200 artists from all over the world come to town.

Theatre lovers, on the other hand, will not miss the opportunity to experience Eurokaz, which sees the most important avant-garde theatre companies gather in Zagreb for an exceptional festival.

Youngsters, on the other hand, will get their groove on at the Hartera Festival in Rijeka: three days of underground partying featuring Croatia’s best rock bands.


At the height of the tourist season, Dubrovnik comes alive with the Summer Festival dedicated to music, theatre and dance, with performances in various locations around the city.

Fans of techno and electronic music head to the Garden Festival in Zadar.

If you love colour and folk music, don’t miss the International Folklore Festival in Zagreb: musicians in traditional costumes from all over the world invade the streets of the city with free performances, dance, art and music workshops to introduce people to folk music.

More niche, however, is the Film Festival in Motovun, Istria, featuring independent and experimental films.


Staying with the folk theme, Varazdin‘s parks and squares host the Spancirfest, a world music event along with performances by acrobats and illusionists, theatre and traditional craft markets!

Slavonia, on the other hand, hosts a film festival, the Vukovar Film Festival, featuring independent documentaries and short films.


The sweet month of September awaits for the World Theatre Festival in Zagreb: contemporary theatre of the highest calibre to enchant theatre lovers.

Equally enchanting are the Varazdin Baroque Evenings, where local and international orchestras perform in the city’s churches.


If you love truffles and you are travelling to Croatia, don’t miss the opportunity to sample the gastronomic specialities of the Istrian hinterland.

Film fans, on the other hand, will enjoy the Zagreb Film Festival with the awarding of the Golden Pram prize!


The events season ends with the Feast of St Martin, which is celebrated in Croatia’s wine-growing areas with wine festivals and tastings of the new wine!