What to eat in Croatia

A guide to the Croatia of taste: we present the typical dishes of the varied Croatian cuisine and the different types of places to eat.
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It is difficult to give a single definition of Croatian cuisine.

Due to its troubled history and its proximity to peoples of the most diverse cultures, the cuisine also reflects a number of different influences that contribute to a varied and very interesting gastronomic landscape.

Ranging from pro-Italian flavours with a Mediterranean flavour, rich in grilled fish dishes, to Slavonian meat stews with paprika, to Austrian, Turkish and Hungarian inspired dishes, you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of regional food, all characterised by the excellent quality and freshness of the ingredients.

Typical dishes

A typical Croatian starter

We have put together a handbook of the most common regional dishes to help you choose!

Zagreb and north-western Croatia

The cuisine of this area shows Austrian influences and is characterised by succulent roast or spit-roasted meat dishes.


This region has absorbed the gastronomic culture of Hungary with extensive use of garlic and paprika, which makes the dishes here very spicy and piquant.

Dalmatia and Kvarner

On the coast of Croatia, the cuisine changes completely: spices are replaced by Mediterranean flavours such as garlic, olive oil fish and seafood served with fresh herbs.


Istrian cuisine is gradually making a name for itself on the international gourmet scene thanks to the excellent quality of its regional dishes.

Where to eat in Croatia: types of restaurants

Cevapcici: spicy sausages typical of the Balkans

Croatia can be described as a nation with a focus on good food, and Croatians have a real passion for quality gastronomy, committed to spreading the culture of eating well.

In fact, taste trails and Slow Food presidia are proliferating, underlining the care and importance of quality cuisine, both in terms of ingredients and preparation.

Despite this care, restaurant prices remain in the mid-range.

In general, the rule applies: in Croatia, it is as difficult to eat badly as it is to spend a lot.


These are the refined and elegant restaurants: formal settings, elaborate menus and an extensive wine list, the kind of establishment that is rarely chosen by locals.

Gostionica or konoba

A family-run restaurant that reflects the authentic character of Croatian cuisine. Often the vegetables and fruit served come directly from the family garden.


A kind of pub serving hot dishes accompanied by a good selection of beers, including craft beers.


An atmospheric café where you can spend hours between slices of cake and a cappuccino.


A pastry shop where you can try ice cream, cakes, pastries and strudel.


Self-service cafés ideal for a quick snack.