Croatia’s islands, which one to choose?

For those who like active holidays, for lizards to the bitter end, for those who want to romp on the dance floor, for those who stroll for hours... there is a Croatian island for everyone!
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The Croatian islands have long since lost their unfair reputation as a cheaper alternative to the Greek islands and have gained a prominent place in the ranking of the most popular destinations for European tourists for a sea holiday.

But how do you choose the best island in Croatia for a holiday? There are more than a thousand islands in total, although the number of inhabited islands is reduced to around fifty. The common traits of all the islands are a crystal-clear, turquoise or emerald sea, picturesque fishing villages or hilltop hamlets and breathtaking scenery.

Having said that, each island has its own strong personality and history that makes it unique: Vis is the most remote, while Krk is the easiest to reach, Pag has a dual soul of party animal and guardian of tradition, Cres should be explored on foot, Hvar is worldly…

If you too are dreaming of a wonderful holiday by the sea, choose from the most beautiful Croatian islands below – one of them will definitely be for you.

Krk, easy to reach

Panorama of Vrbnik on the island of Krk

The island of Krk is easily accessible by car, which makes it a popular destination for holidaymakers, even for stays of just a few days, who can find a wide range of hotels and rooms to rent here. Due to the presence of numerous facilities, Krk is particularly suitable for those travelling with children.

Krk’s pronounced vocation for tourism is not at the expense of the beauty of the area: in addition to the crowded city beaches, you can find more remote and wild beaches, such as the beautiful Vela Luka near Baška, which can only be reached by boat or on foot along a steep path.

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Pag, moonscapes and nightlife

The village of Novaljia on Pag

Pag is indisputably Croatia‘s most popular island for nightlife seekers. On the famous Zrće beach, a Croatian micro-Ibiza, lazy days in the sun give way to roaring nights to the beat of the trendiest disco music.

Legendary beach parties and electronic music festivals with a line-up of international DJs are held here.

Although famous for its nightlife, Pag is also a great choice for those who enjoy a quiet, slow-paced life. Leave Zrće and its under-35 crowd behind and explore remote beaches and coves, including the beautiful Beritnice, and along the way be enraptured by the lunar charm of Pag’s barren but incredibly atmospheric landscape, formed by karst cliffs and here and there patches of Mediterranean scrub.

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Hvar, the sunniest

Panorama of Hvar Town

Hvar can boast the enviable distinction of being the sunniest island in Croatia, but it is also widely recognised as the chicest (or snobbiest, depending on your point of view).

The town of Hvar is the place to be, perhaps dining in one of its upmarket restaurants or dancing in one of its many clubs, while the less crowded villages and beaches are an excellent refuge from the hubbub of modern life.

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Cres and Losinj, for nature lovers

Lubenice on the island of Cres

The island of Cres is an ideal choice for those who want a nature holiday. The island is sparsely inhabited and small ancient villages pop up here and there among the hills.

You can wander through dense pine forests, walk to enchanting, uncrowded bays or enjoy numerous outdoor sports activities. If you are lucky, you will get to see the griffon vulture, the island’s iconic animal, flying overhead.

From Cres, you can take a bridge to the small island of Losinj, which is wonderful to explore on foot or by bicycle.

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Korčula, traditions and enogastronomy

Aerial view of Korcula Town

Long and narrow, the island of Korčula has a coastline dotted with beaches, bays, inlets and coves that will delight anyone who wants nothing more than sunbathing and swimming on holiday.

Make the effort to visit the villages in the hinterland (the landscape of pine forests and olive groves will enchant you!) and don’t miss one of the sword dance performances held in the summer, an ancient tradition that is still passed down from generation to generation.

Another reason to come to Korčula is its excellent white wines, which are among the best in Croatia and should definitely be sampled. And it was here that Marco Polo was born, or so it is said…

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Brač, for beaches

The beautiful Zlatni Rat in Bol on the island of Brac

The big attraction on the island of Brac is Zlatni Rat beach in Bol, considered by many to be the most beautiful beach in Croatia. This enchanting tongue of pebbles jutting out into a sea of a thousand shades of blue is worth a trip to Croatia in itself, but while you’re there, explore the island’s other atmospheric beaches and pretty villages.

It is also worth taking a boat tour of the island to admire its beautiful coastline, with steep cliffs sloping down to the sea.

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Rab, for families

Beach on the Lopar peninsula in Rab

Croatia is best known for its pebble or rocky beaches, which can be uncomfortable for those travelling with small children. If you are looking for sandy beaches with easy access to the sea and calm waters where your children can swim safely, you can find beautiful ones along the Lopar peninsula on the island of Rab.

The island is a true natural paradise, so much so that it was declared a Geopark in 2008. The main town, Rab, is a small architectural gem.

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Vis, the mysterious

The small bay of Stiniva

Of the central Dalmatian islands, Vis is the one furthest from the coast and also the one that has been immune to mass tourism for the longest time. For a long time an outpost of the Yugoslav army, access to the island was forbidden to foreign visitors until 1989.

Although it is fast catching up, attracting an ever-increasing number of international tourists, the island has retained a touch of authenticity that makes it extremely charming. Beautiful beaches, excellent fish restaurants, good wine, nature and tranquillity are the ingredients of a perfect holiday on Vis.

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The magnificent island of Brac boasts an enchanting sea, the most beautiful beach in Croatia and a stone worthy of the President of the United States.


Sparsely inhabited, the wild island of Cres is fascinating and mysterious. Ancient villages and a breathtaking landscape await you.


The scent of lavender, ancient villages and hidden treasures to discover, a blue sea and a VIP town: sunny Hvar is the most visited island in Croatia.


Krk is Croatia's largest island. With a decades-old tourist industry, it boasts excellent infrastructure and Blue Flag beaches.


Bleak and moonlike thanks to landscapes formed by karst rocks, Pag is one of the most fascinating Croatian islands, famous for its traditions and nightlife.


Years of military closure and a remote location have made Vis the most mysterious and arguably fascinating of Croatian islands.


Enchanting beaches, ancient villages, dense forests, an ancient dance and fine white wines: you have come to Korčula, the island where (perhaps) Marco Polo was born.


With its variety of landscapes and beautiful sandy beaches, the island of Rab is an ideal destination for nature lovers and family holidays.
Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok

On the beautiful island of Dugi Otok, nature is the real protagonist: surrender to its slow rhythms for a relaxing holiday.


The heady scents of aromatic herbs and the colours of the sea will make you fall in love with Lošinj, a charming island with many tourist facilities.


Visit the verdant island of Mljet where, according to legend, Ulysses stayed for no less than seven years, perhaps fascinated more by the beauty of the place than by Calypso.